Behram is a small olive oil producer with a unique approach to its product and sourcing. Their mission is to celebrate the local farmers who grow the olives for Behram.

The assignment was to develop a brand identity and packaging for the olive oil. The client wanted the branding to feature the local farmers who supplied olives for each of the sub-brands. While accomplishing this variety in the branding, the cost for packaging had to be kept low.

Together with the client, Zeo defined the brand's essence: "The potion that adds a ray of sunshine into life". Zeo built the identity around this idea by graphically interpreting the many manifestations of the sun. Thus, the brand does not have one symbol but multiple symbols all representing the different farmers and sub-brands. This helps focus the story on the proud local farmers.

The logo of the main brand winds around the bottle giving it an easily recognizable character. Except for the unique sun symbol serigraphed underneath the bottle, the delicate bottle remains the same across all sub-brands. The tags attached to the bottles allowed for personalization: each label features the individual farmer, along with his/her respective sun symbol. Inside each tag, customers discover the story behind the farmer, the land and the characteristics of the particular olive oil.

Individual bags incorporate all the visual and verbal depictions of the sun, making it a great gift.